About Us

TechXpress is a leading provider of quality IT infrastructure, ERP and Business Intelligence Solutions by leveraging technology in cost effective manner to solve business problems.

We associate with leading manufactures such as IBM, Microsoft, DELL, HP, VMWARE, Citrix, Symantec, Adobe, Oracle, Intel to name a few.

TechXpress is backed by a team of specialists who are trained and certified on Software Licensing, Servers, Storage and  solutions such as SAP Business One , Cloud Hosting and Web Access, collaboration tools, Intranet Portal, Unified Communication and Customer Relations Management.

Our guiding principle is “Do the best possible”. This means do the best possible for our staff members, customers and business partners.

TechXpress Pte Ltd facilitate export of duty exempted products and address specific import /export requirements of customers. Many companies find us as a resource centre for IT projects. TechXpress Pte Ltd Singapore address this requirement in the Asia Pacific region. We also provide Application hosting, Project Management, Document management and collaboration, ERP Consulting, Microsoft CRM and Business intelligence Solutions.

A One-Stop Resource

When it comes to your IT infrastructure needs, we give you choices based on TechXpress’s relationships with world-class Vendors -including IBM, SAP Business One, Microsoft, DELL, HP, VMWARE, Citrix, Symantec, Adobe, Oracle, Intel etc.

We deliver a “one-stop” approach to serving our customers. Our IT specialist will work with you to understand your needs and your requirements. TechXpress study current technologies, business goals and make recommendations that save your time and money.