Managed Accounting Services

Work flow of our managed accounting services

We have two platforms to receive your source documents like invoices, purchase invoices, bank statements etc.
We provide a web interface where you can scan the same and upload or just take a photo in your mobile send to a mail assigned by us.

We study your business process and map the accounting process. Accountants will do the necessary entries and posting on your hosted accounting system Tally, Quick books/ SAP B1 and our senior accountants will verify the same.
The entire work flow and activities are managed by our work flow management software application.

You will get the complete track record in terms of work assignments and standards accounting reports in mail.
We can also give your business intelligence dash boards and analysis platform by our Business intelligence team. This will benefit you in terms of cost, reports in timely manner and compliance.

Managed Business intelligence services for accountants

As an accountant you can give tailor made dash board thus tailor information to your customer based on the hierarchy CEO, CFO Managers etc.

Your customer presentations will not be the same as before. With our solution you can engage your customer interactive data presentations and dynamic visualizations.

Visual what-if scenarios, to envision potential business models and enrich decision making.