Business Analytics

Business Analytics for Small and Medium Business

When we say business Analytics it gives in depth analysis of your Business. For example: Which product gives more profits?

Which region performs the best? What is my sales volume vs profit Ratio? If I  increase the price what will be my impact on the business?

We help you to better strategize your business and improve your business practices. Modern Business Analytics tools provides integrated platform for Data collection, Analysis, Risk analysis, Predictive analysis, and Visualization technologies for good user experience.

Enterprise systems required complex systems to build a Business intelligence platform. We offer Analysis solutions to your business without complex systems which helps business users to interact and explore data and get insights without IT expertise.


Reporting is the Basics of Business analytics. There is dynamics reports where reports are generated with respect to the input criteria you give. Whereas drill down reports gives drill down facility on the data field you click and navigate further.

Dash Boards

Dash boards gives a summary of business information in a single view. You get sales analysis, purchase analysis, profit analysis etc in a single vies.

Dash boards presents information in the form of charts, graphs etc. it is not easy for senior management to get into an accounting system and analyses data. Dash boards gives the managers all the info in few clicks.

Modern technology delivers this dash boards to many devices like tablets and smartphones.

What if analysis

What if analysis helps you to analyze and strategize your business form your present data and how your business responds to various factors and parameters.

Analytics for Small and medium business

Business intelligence implementation gives phenomenal improvement in your business process. But the challenges for a medium business are the complex IT infrastructure, skilled persons and empowering the existing team to use the technologies.

We give you various cost effective methods and solutions in each stage. Building an IT infrastructure, Anywhere access, Implementation, consulting, training and skilled employees for entering your date to highly skilled consultants who delivers intuitive analysis for your business.

Solutions and Services for accountants

How we replace you Excel data to compelling and persuasive visual experience?

We offer business intelligence solutions to small and medium business using Design tools such as SAP presentation Design and IBM Cognos.

The major advantage is we can offer you solutions with your and existing data and without changing your IT platform. The output dash boards and analysis delivered to you in the form of Adobe flash and adobe acrobat.

We add visual clarity to Your Microsoft Excel–based data. Your Excel based data get transformed to Dash boards and you can do what if analysis. This helps you to take faster and intelligent decisions. This uncover issues and problems which you were not noticed before because of the abundance data and transactions in your business.

Our collaborative platform helps you to share the data presentation to appropriate members in your organization.

What you get in place of your Excel look data

Dynamic charts and graphs, including bar charts, pie charts and create interactive and engaging data visualizations.

You have many spread sheets in your organization which give different sets of data. With dashboards you get all spread sheets data to a single visualization.

You KPI Key performance indicators can be modeled and simplified using visual analytics.

Budgeting and forecasting made using visual interactive tools.

Managed Business Analytics services for accountants

As an accountant you can give tailor made dash board thus tailor information to your customer based on the hierarchy CEO, CFO managers etc.

Your customer presentations will not be the same as before. With our solution you can engage your customer interactive data presentations and dynamic visualizations.